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heads up your formatting seems a bit messed up (no line breaks)

Oh, how are you reading it? It seems fine on mobile when I download it. 

Does it not show up like this? 

Thanks for the warning either way! 

(The rules are meant to be inline though.)

Nope that looks much better, what I see is in the attached screenshot. I am just opening in Notepad on Windows direct from the download. Certainly possible there's some setting on my end futzing it up. I've opened quite a few other entries and they've been fine aside from some very minor formatting inconsistencies, though. Thanks, the screenshot below is a lot easier to read!

This likely has to do with line endings. Either it was made on a system using LF as line ends (something Linux/Unix based, windows used CRLF), or you're running the latest, buggy version of notepad on the windows 10 October update which supposedly works with LFs but sometimes bugs out with CRLFs :D

Try opening it in a different text editor, it'll probably look better.